Local Plumber in Frisco Texas

hackler-plumbing-frisco-txAnyone who’s ever needed a plumber on a moment’s notice knows that moment of panic when they wonder whether they’ll find someone who’s available, and if they do whether they’re going to have to pay an arm and a leg for the service.  Hackler Plumbing is a local plumber in Frisco, Texas that is bringing a fresh approach to this question and to plumbing customer service.  The company offers professional know-how in a common-sense way, with same-day service usually available, extensive technical expertise about plumbing problems ranging from sump pumps to concrete slab leaks, and affordable, no-nonsense pricing.

Hackler Plumbing is Brad’s American dream.  Brad is a Master Plumber who spent the first several years of his career working for big plumbing companies – the type that has fleets of vans that service residential and commercial customers.  He got tremendous experience and learned how to handle just about every plumbing problem imaginable, but he wanted something more – the ability to establish long-lasting relationships with the customers he was helping.  Rather than continuing to go out on service calls where he satisfied customers that he never saw again he decided to go out on his own and become an independent plumber serving Frisco, Texas and the surrounding region.  His hope was that by providing prompt, affordable, high-quality service Hackler Plumbing would become the area’s go-to plumber.

That was back in 2006.  Today, if you’re looking for a plumber in Frisco, Texas and look up Hackler Plumbing on Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau you’ll find nothing but glowing reviews and an A rating.  How did Brad build that kind of reputation in such a short amount of time?  He responded quickly to phone calls, answering plumbing questions and offering repair solutions over the phone to panic-stricken homeowners.  When information over the phone wasn’t enough he worked hard to get there on the same day and offered discounts to first time customers.  He also developed a pre-priced estimate fee that could be applied to getting the job done, so that getting him to come out and look at the problem wasn’t cost-prohibitive.  You can find his contact info here: http://hacklerplumbingmckinney.com/plumber-in-frisco-tx-for-shower-leak-repair/

Finally, he made sure that whenever customers called Hackler Plumbing, whether for a commercial repair job or a residential plumbing project, their call got a quick response and their job was done with a high level of competence.  When you need a plumber in Frisco, Texas and you call Brad Hackler you get an appointment that’s convenient for your schedule.  Hackler Plumbing is committed to showing up when they promise to, treating your home or business with respect, doing the job with technical expertise and professionalism, and leaving everything clean and neat.

Hackler Plumbing does service the old-fashioned way, providing clients with attentive, respectful, affordable plumbing in Frisco, Texas and the surrounding areas.   Brad Hackler left the corporate side of the business and established Hackler Plumbing in 2006 because he wanted to build a business based on relationships and trust. The company continues its commitment to that philosophy.  If you need a plumber in Frisco Tx, call him today:  214-856-0556

The Best of Small Business

small business Every once in a while you meet a small business owner who excels in their service.  They stand above the rest, and shine with both excellence as well as service.  This blog is designed to highlight some of of the people we feel deserve to be noticed.

Their industry may range from plumbing to dentistry.  In fact, the first business we will share about is a bankruptcy attorney.  The service they provide is not the point.  Due to the nature of their how they treat customers, their follow through, and their stellar commitment to customer satisfaction they deserve their 15 minutes of fame.

Small Business is Important

It’s not a secret that small businesses drive a lot of of our economy.  In fact, up to half of the jobs and revenue created in come from businesses other than huge corporations.  This is important to recognize.  Some of the unsung heroes of our day are the independent business owners who double as dentists, plumbers, attorneys, and florists.  These may not be glorious occupations to most, but together they form the backbone of innovation, drive, and provision for many people.

Business Owners Need Local Support

It’s true that the Internet has changed the way many small businesses sell their products and services.  However, this isn’t true for all entrepreneurs.  For example, there is a woman who bakes and sells cakes next to our office.  She specializes in organic baking and gluten free cupcakes.  She was telling me the other day that she receives accolades from magazines, but these don’t necessarily impact her sales.  Why?  She is a small enterprise, similar to a plumber or attorney, and doesn’t ship her products across the country or the world.  She relies upon the referrals of local customers who tell their friends, family, and coworkers.  This is just one example of how local enterprises need our help.

When a Service is Good, Tell Someone

Too often consumers only tell others about bad service experiences.  This is because we expect a certain level of service in most cases.  But small businesses are fueled by the praise of happy customers who tell others.  Online reviews are therefore potentially the biggest threat and opportunity for small businesses.  If their service is good, they should encourage patrons to share their good experiences with the world online.  It’s sometimes impossible to avoid a bad review, but if good reviews are present, it helps demonstrate that a bad experience was isolated and not the norm for that proprietor.  Hopefully this site can help this cause, and provide some good information for outstanding businesses across the country who serve their customers well.


New Approach to Bankruptcy From Houston Attorney

bankruptcy attorney in houston texasIn Houston, there’s a new attorney in town who has an alternative approach to consumer bankruptcy.  Actually, he’s not new to the scene at all, but his new approach might revolutionize how Texans deal with financial pressures.  He has a heart to help others, and so he opened a unique law firm as a bankruptcy attorney in Houston who actually advises his clients against it.

Mr. Shaw’s approach is very unique, and this is derived from his background.  He has served at some very high level positions in his full career, with a Texas Judge being one of those.  He also ran one of the biggest law firms in Houston, Texas.  This gave him a great perspective because he used to litigate large debts for creditor clients.  It opened his eyes in that Texas has consumer laws that limit the ability of banks and creditors to file judgments, garnish wages, and pursue many of the assets of their clients.  While it comes as unconventional advice, it is a breath of fresh air for people who want to take responsibility for their debts without having their hand forced by creditors into filing for bankruptcy in Texas.  We’ll share about some of the things that set him apart.

Most people are aware of how big the bankruptcy industry has become in America.  Wikipedia explains that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the preferred filing for most consumers, but Jed Shaw explains that this will stay on a consumer’s credit file for 10 years.  Beyond the credit issue, he offers an alternative method so people don’t have to check that box on job applications, car loans, mortgages, and the like.

Service Minded: Mr. Shaw started his bankruptcy practice to help others, not to make money.  While it’s true that businesses need to earn money in order to help more people, some attorney’s are in it for the wrong reasons.  He will explain to you that it’s normal for attorney’s to recommend Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 in order to gain a fee, even if a better option might exist for that consumer.  In Texas, he can guide people through the legal framework of statutes to help them achieve the same end results as bankruptcy, but without having to actually file one.  This is technically feasible for other attorneys to do as well, that is, if they were familiar with the rules and procedures he uses.  However, it takes much more time, energy, and effort on the lawyer’s part.  Many would rather capture a quick fee for less labor.  (This is unfortunate).  With his service minded approach, he does much more work for less money, but this is in the best interest of his clients.

Consultative Approach:  It can be frustrating for people facing financial difficulties to get solid advice and find a listening ear.  There are many nuances and interrelated issues when your debts are mounting and creditors are calling.  Mr. Shaw offers a complimentary phone consultation to anyone who calls him to discuss their financial options.  He tries to listen, and then advise on the best solutions available.  Again, for Texans facing bankruptcy, it might be difficult to find a Houston bankruptcy attorney who has time to listen.  Jed knows that people with financial concerns need a trusted adviser who is ready to first listen.  He takes the time to hear people out, alleviate their fears, and then tell them the facts about their available options.  This is another uncommon practice from a small business owner who really seems to care about his clients. This video will illustrate what I’m talking about.

You can tell he cares about people learning the truth, and is available to both listen and help.

Affordable: It’s not uncommon for financially strapped consumers to have to pay hefty fees for filing bankruptcy.  The average cost of a Houston bankruptcy could be around $3,000.  For someone who is already behind the 8 ball, this can be a very difficult proposition.  Mr. Shaw knows this, and therefore accepts an average fee much lower than this.  He has explained that he even considers payments plans when necessary.  Usually finding the best advice costs the most, but not in the case of his service.  If he weren’t in his retirement years, it’s likely that his fees would be much higher.  He considers this alternative bankruptcy practice both a ministry and hobby, so that is why his fees are nominal compared to other Houston bankruptcy attorneys.

I hope that this brief snapshot of Mr. Shaw’s bankruptcy alternative is proof that he’s a small business owner that deserves recognition.  His honest approach, coupled with unique style of putting consumers first are two great reasons why people living in Texas should consider calling him if they have financial debts they can’t pay.  As mentioned, he offers a free consultation for anyone who calls.  If you are reading this review and happen to need bankruptcy advice, please don’t hesitate to call him.  You can find his contact info on his website.  http://shawdefense.com/houston-bankruptcy-attorney/